“The Burger Momo Party”

24th October saw a big event hosted by one of our boy’s sponsor Luis, who has been a regular visitor to Nepal for years. The morning took a maximum of it’s time for Boy’s Home parent’s led group of senior students preparing the bun and other ingredients in our own bakery for burger and lots of movements were seen in the kitchen too. Led by Mr. Kelsang Tsering who was the acting chef that day, the group of senior students and some staff were busy preparing Jumbo Momos for everyone. Administration corridor was also filled with staff and senior students ready to serve ice cream for everyone present. It would have been a difficult task for anyone to choose between Kailash’s burger and the Jumbo Momos but no one needed to worry about it as everyone got both cause this big event traditionally called at Kailash “The Burger Party” has now transformed into Burger Momo Party!!
Difficult challenge it was for the kids walking around with a burger and Jumbo Momos in their belly and yet to select clothes from the “200 Kilo pile” of clothing Luis had brought for them.